Venturi Showers

Venturi Showers

A Venturi Shower is a solution to poor flow rate on low pressure gravity systems, it uses high pressure mains to pull low pressure hot water through the shower valve giving a much higher flow rate than an Electric Shower. Venturi Showers are a relatively cheap and easy to install, for bathrooms with gravity fed hot water systems and mains pressure cold water, and will not operate with high pressure hot water systems such as combination boilers or unvented systems.

Features of the Venturi Shower include:

  • high rates of flow;
  • good pressure;
  • no electrical connections;
  • plumbs straight in;
  • push-fit connections;
  • economical;
  • low maintenance.

How They Work: High pressure mains cold water is used to "suck" tank pressure hot water through the special venturi valve inside the unit, so that the resulting mixed water comes out at a much greater rate than could be achieved using an electric shower or ordinary shower mixer valve. The Venturi Shower uses no electrical connections, it simply plumbs straight into the heating system. There must be a 300mm gap between the top of the shower head and the bottom of the supply tank.

Venturi Showers will only work where there is low pressure, tank-fed hot water and high pressure, mains-fed cold water - an arrangement which is commonly found in UK homes.