GROHE PHILIPS Aquatunes Wireless Shower Speaker, Bluetooth Music Streaming, 26271LV0



*** PLEASE NOTE: This product is now obsolete/discontinued and no longer available for order ***

The GROHE Aquatunes 26271LV0 by PHILIPS is a water-resistant wireless shower speaker supplied complete with shower rail adaptor and charging station, designed for music streaming by connecting to a Bluetooth-enabled device; White/clear-grey finish.

Engineered by PHILIPS, the GROHE Aquatunes comes with an induction charger and a powerful battery to deliver premium hi-fi sound. Its modern, sophisticated design is both stylish and functional. Start your day on a positive note with Aquatunes, and unwind to your favourite songs after a long day. Simply mount Aquatunes on the shower rail, connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth and you are all set for over 8 hours of outstanding musical enjoyment.

The GROHE Aquatunes Wireless Shower Speaker 26271LV0 comprises:
- Speaker module for wireless audio via Bluetooth;
- Anti-slip rail adapter for fixation on shower rails;
- Induction charging base station with integrated power cord.

The GROHE Aquatunes Wireless Shower Speaker 26271LV0 features:

- Wireless music streaming in a range of up to 10m: Offering great pairing reliability, the 3.0 wireless communication technology is compatible with all Bluetooth-capable devices (smartphone/tablet/laptop) within a comfortable 10m range, letting you enjoy your favourite music conveniently without the hassle of cords. The speaker will automatically connect to the device last paired with.
- Excellent sound quality thanks to PHILIPS Audio Technology: The speaker will immerse you in a sound that is crystal clear, balanced and powerful.
- Water-resistant: Perfectly safe to use in shower and tub - the speaker complies with the IPx6 standard, meaning that it was tested to withstand powerful water jets with increased pressure.
- Shock-resistant: Even a fall from 1.3m height will not harm this robust device, just pick it up and get back into the groove.
- Easy to operate with wet or soapy hands: Six keys are easy to reach and operate, providing full control even when your hands are wet - ON/OFF, Bluetooth connection, volume up/down, previous/next track. Two LEDs show the status of the Bluetooth connection and battery's charge.
- Easy to fit: The anti-slip adapter attaches firmly and easily to any shower rail with a diameter of 20 to 25mm. The speaker locks onto the adapter with a convenient twist-and-push mechanism and will unlock as you twist and pull.
- Inductive charging dock with extra functionalities: Docking station is splash-proof and doubles as an elegant base station for the speaker when used outside the shower. Music streaming can continue while charging. The battery will last about 8 hours on a charge.
- Premium design with Glossy Moon White finish: Compliments any bathroom designs/colour scheme.

The GROHE Aquatunes Wireless Shower Speaker 26271LV0 specifications:

- Design: Modern; Water- and shock-resistant.
- Installation: Easily retrofitted onto existing Ø20-25mm shower rail thanks to the flexible adapter; Speaker locks onto the adapter with a twist-and-push mechanism and will unlock with twist-and-pull.
- Operation: 6 push-buttons - ON/OFF, Bluetooth sync, volume +/-, previous/next track.
- LED indication: Power ON/OFF, charging, fully charged, sync.
- Devices: Bluetooth 4.0 or below.
- Wireless range: Up to 10m.
- Built-in rechargeable battery: Li-polymer (3.7V, 500mAh); Up to 8 hours runtime.
- Power supply: AC 220-240V, 50/60 Hz; Plug type BS-4573 (UK Shaver).
- Water-resistant rating: Speaker - IPx6 with protected PCB; Docking base - IPx7.
- Rated output power: 2W RMS.
- Signal to noise ratio: >70dBA.
- Finish: White/clear-grey.
- Dimensions, mm: See pictur

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