MIRA Platinum Dual Digital Wireless Controller ONLY, Black/Chrome, 1.1796.007


The MIRA Platinum Dual Digital Wireless Shower Controller 1.1796.007 is a round Ø95mm wireless surface mounted remote user interface with digital diverter for 2 water outlets (e.g. fixed showerhead/shower handset or showerhead/bath fill), designed for installations with Mira digital mixer valves (digital processors); can be installed as an additional controller/remote in your current shower system to enable control of the Mira Platinum Dual digital shower from outside the shower area (e.g. bedroom); Chrome/Black finish.

The Mira Platinum Dual - a shower as individual as you are. The ultimate in luxury showering technology with the added benefit of being able to divert between two outlets or have both on at once. Beautifully designed, simple to install and easy to use, this wireless digital shower allows you to set your preferred temperature and flow. The Mira Platinum Dual Digital Wireless Controller, which has a circular design that emulates the motion of turning on a tap, can be pre-set to a desired temperature; once the water has reached the correct temperature, it stops. This allows the user to know when the water is ready: no need for cold wet arms or water wastage, and it reduces energy consumption, too!

The Mira Platinum Dual Digital Wireless Shower Controller features and specifications:

- Quick, flexible and unobtrusive to install with just 2 screws (supplied).
- Wireless range: Controller can be located up to 10 metres away from the digital shower valve.
- Can be installed as an additional controller/remote to enable control of the Mira Platinum Dual digital shower from a second location outside the shower area (e.g. bedroom).
- Digital clock/temperature display.
- Simple, easy to use controls: Separate Start/Stop/Choice of outlet push-buttons - allow to divert flow between two water outlets (e.g. shower handset/fixed overhead or showerhead/bath fill) or to use both simultaneously; Temperature control - '+' and '-' push-buttons; Flow adjustment - outer chrome turn dial.
- 'Set and Forget' controls: Start/Stop push-buttons allow to leave flow and temperature at your preferred setting.
- Programmable functions to suit your lifestyle (all settings can be adjusted from the user interface and only available after the controller has been assigned to a Mira Platinum Dual digital mixer valve):
• Warm-up mode: The shower will run until the preferred temperature is reached, it then pauses, ready to be reactivated when you are ready to step into the perfect shower.
• Clock display: So you always know what time it is in the shower.
• Eco setting: Limits shower time and flow to save both water and energy.
• Shower timer setting: Duration of the shower can be set between 1-30 minutes.
• Bath-fill duration/temperature setting option.
• Maximum showering water temperature setting.
- Data connection to digital mixer valve: Wireless.
- Type of protection: IP67.
- 3 x AA batteries provided as standard.
- Wall fixings included.
- Recommended application: Domestic/light commercial.
- Colour: Chrome/Black.
- Dimensions, mm: Ø95mm, horizontal projection 35mm, please see pictures for details.
- Guarantee: Mira Showers guarantee the Mira Platinum Dual against any defect in materials or workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase.

Please note: Price is for the Mira Platinum Dual Wireless Controller ONLY.

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