AQUALISA Visage Concealed Digital Shower Kit LP/Gravity Pumped Rear Fed VSD.A2.BV.14


The AQUALISA Visage Concealed Rear Fed Digital Shower Mixer Kit VSD.A2.BV.14 is a concealed thermostatic digital mixing valve (processor) with surface mounted wired controller complete with shower kit including the Aqualisa Harmony 4-spray Ø90mm showerhead with rub-clean nozzles, supplied with flexible shower hose, shower rail with adjustable clamp bracket, hose retainer and wall brackets/holders; designed for installations in Low Pressure/Gravity Fed water systems; Chrome finish.

The new look of Aqualisa Visage! Smart, easy to use and with great functionality, this Visage Digital shower, with its compact controller and concealed processor is a great way to experience the convenience of digital showering technology. Use its simple dial to select your preferred water temperature, press the Start/Stop button and wait until the blue light on LED display stops flashing. Then, it’s time to step in and shower. Visage Digital is controlled by the clever processor box which ensures perfect temperatures and a safe, one touch showering experience every time. There's also an optional eco setting, so if you’ve got your eye on water consumption, you can still shower with a clear conscience.

The Aqualisa Visage Digital Shower VSD.A2.BV.14 features and specifications:

- Thermostatic temperature stability with digital intelligence keeps showering safe for all the family.
- Contemporary styling and compact and elegant design.
- Digital processor (mixing valve) integrates a pump to provide extra power.
- Easy to use controls: Simple one touch Start/Stop push button; 'Set & forget' precise, easy glide temperature control (no flow control).
- Blue LED indicator to show when desired temperature has been reached.
- Optional Eco setting: Select 'ECO' mode on the digital mixing valve (processor box) during installation to preserve water.
- Remote control (purchased separately): Can be installed up to 10m away to enable control of the Visage shower from a second convenient location and features a blue LED indicator that replicates the shower's main control by flashing whilst the water is warming up and turning to steady once your desired temperature has been reached.
- Rear fed shower kit:
• Aqualisa Harmony Ø90mm showerhead: 4 spray patterns Inner/Middle/Outer/Eco, rub clean rubber nozzles for easy cleaning and de-scaling, integral anti-twist hose connection;
• Shower rail: 815mm, adjustable wall holders/brackets for adaption to existing drillings between 520-750mm; Supplied with adjustable clamp bracket assembly, flexible shower hose, hose retaining ring and elbow outlet.
- Digital mixing valve with intergrated pump: For gravity fed systems.
- Installation: Digital shower valve - concealed (can be located in the loft, airing cupboard or under the bath); Controller/shower kit - wall mounted.
- Recommended application: Domestic.
- Electrical requirements: Processor to mains - switched fused spur 3amp, cable length 2m, 230-240V; Controller to processor - low voltage (5V) data cable, length 10m.
- Min/Max pressure: Processor must be sited no higher than the base level of the cistern/1.0 bar.
- Processor connections: Inlet - 15mm push-fit, valve inlet centres 48mm; Outlet - 15mm push-fit.
- Blended outlet temperature settings: Factory pre-set blend temperature - 45°C; Adjustable temperature setting - 35°C-55°C.
- Outlet flow rates: 12 ltr/min; 'ECO' - 10 ltr/min.
- Dimensions, mm: Please see pictures for details.
- Finish: Chrome.
- Approvals: CE Marking, BEAB.
- Aqualisa Manufacturer’s Guarantee: Shower unit - 5 years; Shower fittings - 2 years.

Please note: This appliance MUST be earthed and must only be connected to a 230-240V supply.