Aqualisa Pick n Mix Shower Components

Aqualisa - Build Your Luxury Digital Shower

As stylish as you desire. As luxurious as you deserve. And as unique as you are.

Here at Plumbing For Less we are offering you to design your own individually tailored water experience, step by simple step.

Start with the shower ‘engine’ itself: choose your preferred mixer shower configuration depending on the water system in your house - HP/Combi, Gravity Fed/Pumped - choose the standard version for use on a combination boiler or a mains fed system, where high water flow is assured, or the pumped version for use on gravity water systems as it incorporates a built-in pump for extra power; and number of required shower outlets - standard or divert version - for instance, you could simply have a single, fixed shower head, or, alternatively, if you choose the version with digital diverter it’s easy to add an adjustable shower head or handset - it will then allow you to switch instantly between outlets with one touch.

Once you’ve selected the shower that offers the performance and functionality you want and you’re happy with how your shower is going to work, you’re ready for the enjoyable task of choosing exactly how it is going to look.

The Aqualisa HiQu Digital shower range is designed to be customised with Options - a comprehensive range of high quality accessories, including: drencher heads, shower arms, shower heads, hand showers and rail systems. Think of it as a modular system that allows you to build your Aqualisa HiQu Digital shower to perfectly suit your bathroom, your taste and your lifestyle.

Rejuvenating, refreshing or relaxing. Whatever is your idea of the perfect shower, HiQu makes the dream a reality.