Saniflo Commercial Macerators

Saniflo Commercial Macerators

The Saniflo extends the benefits of its technology from the domestic to the commercial sector which may now take advantage from the brand’s quality, longevity and service support – in situations where the addition of facilities is hampered by remote soil stacks or drainage.

The Sanifo Commercial Range comprises of several heavy-duty products that are tough enough to perform in some of the most demanding situations where it is necessary to deliver waste water over a distance of 100 metres or vertically to a height of 11 metres using small bore discharge pipework.

Saniflo Commercial Macerators and Greywater Pumps applications include:

  • Holiday homes/Hotels and Guest Houses/Nursing homes;
  • Restaurants/Cafés/Pubs/Clubs/Bars;
  • Factories/Offices/Shops/Laundries.

All Saniflo products are guaranteed for two years and backed by a nationwide service network.