SIAMP Optima 50 Dual Flush Valve, Cable Operated 470mm, 1 1/2" and 2" Outlet, 32500210

MPN: 32500210

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*** PLEASE NOTE: This is SIAMP 's replacement for obsolete/discontinued SIAMP Optima 50 Dual Flush Valve (MPN 32500007). Thank you. ***

SIAMP Manufacturer's Part Number: 32500210.

The Siamp Optima 50 Dual Flush Valve complete with 1 1/2" & 2" Outlet and 470mm Cable, supplied with chrome plated Push Button.

The Optima 50 is a neat and compact outlet valve, suitable as a direct and simple replacement for the traditional UK siphon and cistern lever flushing mechanism. With the addition of a dual flush capability, enabling large water savings, which is ideal for the climate conscious and those on water meters.

The flush valve body is constructed from strong white plastic with a high quality finish. The strainer is made from rugged and strong ABS allowing for a powerful rinsing flow. The strainer seal is SBS moulded elastomer, which allows for strong elasticity and reinforcement. There is a specially designed bowl seal foam which will help compensate for any unevenness, allowing for a precise and accurate fit for any cistern.

Features and specifications:

- Cable operated dual flush valve with 1 1/2" & 2" outlet and 470mm cable.
- Easy installation and setting, with self adjusting control button.
- Easy servicing with valve's body removed using its unique 'bayonet' style fitting.
- Perfect to be installed with any plastic or ceramic cistern.
- Suitable for installations with concealed cisterns.
- Dual flush operation: Full (long)/economical (short/small) flush.
- Supplied with chrome plated push button.
- 2" (50mm) outlet to suit European cisterns.
- Additional 1 1/2" bayonet strainer supplied.
- Made from strong high quality plastic material.
- Strainer seal made from SBS moulded elastomer for elasticity and shape reinforcing cistern bottom tightness.
- Height adjustable, with a ridged design.
- Water economising: Adjustable small flush: 3-4.5 litres.
- Adjustable overflow: Every 4mm.
- Powerful rinsing flow: 2.75 ltrs/sec.
- Suitable for cistern lid holes ranging from Ø16 to 50mm, with or without escutcheon depending on diameter.