Tectite Metal Push-Fit Fittings

Tectite Metal Push-Fit Fittings

Tectite offers a range of benefits and unique features designed to make installations of all sizes more efficient without compromising on quality. From 10mm Copper push-fit through to fully demountable 54mm 316 Stainless Steel, Tectite provides contractors and installers with a swift and clean installation, whilst ensuring specifiers and architects are confident in the performance and satisfied with a competitive total installed cost.

Tectite Push-Fit Benefits:

  • Tectite Tube - World's first Flexible Metal Tube in 15 and 22mm.
  • Installed cost savings - joints made in a fraction of the time.
  • Heat free - no hot work, so no risk of collateral damage to fixtures and fittings.
  • Flux free - less mess, less flush cleaning and less risk to heat exchangers and radiator valves.
  • Rotatable joint - makes working in confined spaces easier.
  • Compatibility with pipe materials - Copper, Stainless, Carbon, PEX and PB.
  • Consistent visual appearance and low profile - attractive and easy to insulate.
  • Swift installation - up to four times as fast as a traditional joint.
  • High performance - push fitting without compromising temperature and pressure capability: MOP 10 bar @ 114°C.
  • Metal body - resists rodent attack.

Tectite is a flagship brand of Pegler Yorkshire.

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