POLYPIPE Solvent Cement, 250ml, SC250

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POLYPIPE Manufacturer's Product Code: SC250.

POLYPIPE Solvent Cement for solvent weld plumbing and pipe fittings; 250ml.

Solvent Weld Jointing:

1. Ensure that the pipe is cut square and that all burrs are removed.
2. Ensure that both surfaces to be jointed are dry and free from dust or other debris.
3. Use Polypipe cleaning fluid CF250 (purchased separately) to remove any surface grease from the spigot and socket to be jointed.
4. Apply a coat of Polypipe Solvent Cement to both surfaces to be jointed using the brush applicator provided in the lid. The cement should be applied along the length of the spigot and not around it’s diameter.
5. The spigot should be inserted into the socket immediately, with a slight twisting action.
6. Any surplus solvent cement should be removed with a clean cloth.
7. The joint will be strong enough to handle after approx. 5 minutes and can be tested after 12 hours.

Product features:

- Volume: 125ml bottle, equals approx.:
• 175 x Ø19mm joints;
• 90 x Ø32mm joints;
• 70 x Ø40mm joints;
• 40 x Ø50mm joints;
• 18 x Ø82mm joints;
• 10 x Ø110mm joints;
• 6 x Ø160mm joints.
- Easy application: Complete with brush applicator provided in the lid of the bottle.
- Complies to BS6209.