POLYPIPE Ring Seal Soil and Vent 82mm Drain Connector, Grey, SD33G


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POLYPIPE Manufacturer's Part Number: SD33G.

POLYPIPE Ring Seal (Push-Fit) Soil & Vent Fitting - Ø82mm/3'' Single Socket Clay Drain Connector; Grey.

Product features:

- Polypipe Soil & Vent: Ring Seal Soil & Vent drain connector is used for is used to connect Ø82mm/3'' soil pipe to sockets of other materials (mortar joint to clay socket).
- Connections: Ring Seal (push-fit) Socket x Spigot (fits into clay socket).
- Outer dimensions: Ø82mm/3''.
- Wall thickness: 3.20mm.
- Material: PVCu.
- Colour: Grey.
- Note: Polypipe soil and waste systems are suitable for short intermittent discharges of hot and cold water in normal domestic installations in the UK. They are not suitable for continuous discharge at elevated temperatures.