POLYPIPE Ring Seal Soil and Vent 110mm Access Plug, Spigot Tail, Grey, SA62G

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POLYPIPE Manufacturer's Part Number: SA62G.

POLYPIPE Ring Seal (Push-Fit) Soil & Vent Fitting - Ø110mm/4'' Spigot Tail Plug with screwed access cap; Grey.

Where the discharge stack has a long drain connection to an inspection chamber, access for rodding and testing should be provided at or near the base of the stack. When ground floor appliances are connected to the soil stack, the access point should be sited above the spillover level of the appliances.

For multi-storey domestic buildings, access into the stack should be provided at 3 storey intervals and for multi-storey commercial buildings access should be provided on each floor.

Product features:

- Polypipe Soil & Vent: Ring Seal Soil & Vent plug with screwed access cap used for pipe cleaning/inspection.
- Connections: Spigot Tail (fits into ring seal socket).
- Outer dimensions: Ø110mm/4''.
- Wall thickness: 3.20mm.
- Material: PVCu; Manufactured to BS EN 1329-1 and BS 4514 (PVCu soil pipes & fittings: 110mm).
- Colour: Grey.
- Note: Polypipe soil and waste systems are suitable for short intermittent discharges of hot and cold water in normal domestic installations in the UK. They are not suitable for continuous discharge at elevated temperatures.