WEDNESBURY Copper Tube 28mm x 3m, Table X BS EN 1057

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WEDNESBURY 28mm Copper Tube/Pipe, 3 metre length.

Copper pipework is highly durable, easy to work with and to install. It is corrosion and ultraviolet resistant, has excellent thermal conductivity, and is biostatic, making it impossible for bacteria to grow.

Product features:

- The rigidity of copper piping allows long runs with fewer fasteners.
- Copper piping can be easily bent around obstructions, minimising the need for joints and reducing installation time.
- With a small relative diameter compared to plastic piping, and slimline joints, copper is ideal in tight spots.
- Copper is bacteriostatic - meaning bacteria won't grow in piping.
- Copper piping won't corrode, making it ideal for external use.
- Copper piping is highly resistant to the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.
- Durable copper piping is the cost-effective choice over the long-term.
- Unlike plastic piping, non-inflammable copper does not produce toxic gases in a fire.

Product specifications:

- Product type: Copper tube/pipe.
- Brand: Wednesbury.
- Standard: BS 2871-1 Table X (EN 1057 Half Hard).
- Diameter: 28mm.
- Length: 3m.
- Price is for one length of copper tube of 3m length.

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