WEDNESBURY Protec 10mm Plastic Coated Microbore Copper Tube, 10 metres Coil, White

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WEDNESBURY Streamline (Blue Label EN 1057) PROTEC 10mm x 10 metres White Plastic Coated Microbore Copper Tube, annealed soft coiled length; designed for heating applications (white coating) such as central or underfloor heating installations.

The British Standard EN 1057 (brand name Blue Label, formerly Table W), specifies the requirement for copper tubes annealed soft coils. The tube is manufactured from phosphorus deoxidised (non arsenical) copper to alloy CW024A. Tube complying to this table is intended for use with microbore central heating systems and, when buried, should be plastic coated.

Wednesbury Streamline copper tube bearing the brand name PROTEC meets BS EN 1057, and is supplied with a white protective polyethylene coating which is extruded on to the outside of the tube in a seamless and continuous run. It is highly durable and very effective in protecting the tube from environments which could be harmful to copper - building materials such as concrete and insulation materials can contain chemicals which are potentially corrosive to plain copper tube. Therefore, where copper tube is buried, it must be protected to ensure its longevity in service. PROTEC coated tubes will withstand operating temperatures up to 95°C with occasional peaks up to 110°C.

Wednesbury Streamline PROTEC tube can be bent with ease using proprietary bending machines or internal springs. Bending machines must be equipped with formers allowing for the increased diameter of the plastic coating. Prior to assembly, PROTEC tube supplied as soft coils should be re-rounded using a suitable tool. PROTEC tube can be joined using capillary or manipulative compression fittings meeting the appropriate section of BS EN 1254, or by press fittings subject to confirmation by the fitting manufacturer.

Installing PROTEC: When jointing plastic-coated copper tubes, make slits in the plastic and fold it back to reveal the copper. Protect both ends of the plastic by wrapping them with a damp cloth. Make the joint then return the plastic to its original position. Any breach in the plastics cover must be made good to ensure that the protective properties are maintained. Therefore, after making the joint, the last 25mm of intact plastic covering, either side of the joint, together with any bare copper tube (and fitting), should be carefully and completely spirally wrapped with a self-adhesive polyethylene or PVC waterproof tape in order to ensure continuous protection

Product features:

- Nominal outside diameter: Ø10mm.
- Wall thickness: 0.7mm.
- Length: 10 metres annealed soft coil.
- Max. working pressure: 62 bar.
- Max. operating temperature: 95°C (110°C for short periods).
- Colour: White (heating applications).
- Manufactured to BS EN 1057.
- Material: Tube - phosphorus deoxidised (non arsenical) copper to alloy CW024A; Coating - polyethylene to BS 3412.
- Weight: 1.86 kg.