ARMACELL Tubolit DG Pipe Insulation/Lagging, 22mm x 13mm x 2 m Length, TL-22/13-DG

MPN: TL-22/13-DG

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Manufacturer's Part Number: TL-22/13-DG.

ARMACELL Tubolit DG Flexible, Closed-Cell Polyethylene Foam Lagging/Pipe Insulation, 22mm x 13mm wall x 2 metre length

Tubolit® range from Armacell is an economically priced insulation for domestic heating and plumbing applications, made of CFC- and HCFC-free compact and closed-cell polyethylene foam, that is resistant to age and is very easy to install. Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, Tubolit® effectively minimises energy losses - up to 80% - and dramatically reduces CO2 emissions, thus strongly contributing to the positive energy performance of the building.

Tubolit® pipe lagging is a hygienic product: it is not fibrous and creates no dust during installation or use; it is rot-proof, odourless and non-hydroscopic; will not sustain vermin and will not encourage growth of fungi or mould. All that makes Tubolit® the ideal material for heating and plumbing insulation.

Tubolit DG is supplied in slit or semi-slit tubes which can be easily snapped on or sleeved over the pipe work in the conventional manner. The tubes should always be fitted with a slight degree of endways compression.

Tubolit DG features and specifications:

- Polyethylene-based, closed-cell foam flexible pipe insulation for heating, plumbing, frost protection and energy conservation applications: Insulation and protection for pipes (heating pipes, warm and cold drinking water,- rain- and sewage pipes), fittings or similar of heating and sanitary installations.
- Keeps your hot water hot for longer and reduce carbon emmissions and bills.
- Material: Closed cell extruded polyethylene; Totally CFC and HCFC free.
- Safety and environment: Ozone depletion potential of zero; GWP three; Dust and fibre free; Reaction to fire - no ignition.
- Lightweight and flexible.
- Extremely economical.
- Semi-slit for easy installation.
- Bore diameter: Ø22mm - suitable for insulating 22mm Copper Tube/Pipe.
- Thickness of insulation (wall thickness): 13mm - ideal for plumbing applications, offers a balance of flexibility, performance and budget (can be easily worked around tight corners and in confined spaces where you do not have a lot of room, such as airing cupboards or close to walls inside).
- Length: 2 metres.
- Surface temperature range: +5°C to +100°C.
- Thermal conductivity (to BS EN ISO 8497): 0.035W/mK @ 0°C; 0.039W/mK @ +40°C.
- Normal density 25 kg/m cubed.
- Dimensional stability: 2%.
- Colour: Silver grey.