GROHE Red Duo Kitchen Mixer, Square Spout and Single Boiler 4ltrs, Chrome, 30153 000



*** PLEASE NOTE: This product is now obsolete/discontinued and no longer available for order. We recommend new GROHE Red Duo 2.0 range if you are looking for a similar boiling water tap ***

The GROHE Red® Duo 30 153 000 is a boiling water storage heater and filter system designed to heat, store and draw kettle-hot filtered water on demand directly from the tap, in addition to hot and cold non-filtered water; suitable for installations in high pressure water systems; GROHE StarLight® chrome finish.

The GROHE Red® Duo Kitchen Mixer and Boiler Set 30153000 comprises:
- GROHE Red® Duo Monobloc Square High Swivel Spout Kitchen Sink Mixer with filter function;
- GROHE Red® 99 Single Boiler, 4 ltrs (40420 000);
- GROHE Blue® Filter Set, including GROHE Blue® 600 ltrs filter cartridge (40438 000).

The GROHE Red® Duo 30153000 features and specifications:

• GROHE Red® Duo Kitchen Sink Mixer:
- Installation: Deck mounted monobloc (one-hole).
- GROHE QuickFix™ rapid installation system with centering support: Faster, easier and hassle-free installation with straightforward instructions; Flexible connection hoses supplied.
- Operation: Non-filtered water - single straight metal lever handle with GROHE SilkMove® 35mm ceramic cartridge ensures precise and effortless water control for a lifetime of smooth and comfortable tap handling; Boiling water - separate GROHE ChildLock certified safety handle with pull and turn closure, ceramic headpart 1/2''.
- SmoothTurn: Easily swivelling U-shaped (square) high insulated tubular spout offers maximum comfort at minimal effort when switching between two basins, high spout is especially convenient for filling and cleaning tall/large pots.
- Swivel range: 180° - flexible functionality provides full operating control at all times, letting you switch easily between two basins.
- Insulated spout: GROHE CoolTouch® safety housing technology eliminates any risk of scalding.
- Separate inner water ways for boiling and non-filtered water.
- Protected against backflow.
- Max. clamping length: 60mm.
- Flow rate at 3 bar flow pressure: Non-filtered water - approx. 6.8 ltrs/min; Boiling water - approx. 3.4 ltrs/min.
- GROHE StarLight® chrome finish: Resistant to scratches and tarnishing for enduring pristine looks.
• GROHE Red® 99 Single Boiler (boiling water storage heater):
- Capacity: 4.0 litres, available volume at 99°C - 3.0 ltrs/min.
- Heating time from 10°C to 99°C: approx. 15 min.
- Titanium boiler: Highly resistant to corrosion and limescale build-up.
- CE approved.
- Power supply: 230V AC, 50 Hz.
- Power consumption: 2,100W (stand-by - 15W).
- Type of protection: IPX4.
- Supplied with safety relief valve assembly and expansion vessel.
• GROHE Blue® Water Filter Cartridge:
- 4-phased GROHE Blue® water filtering process: Reduces carbonate hardness and filters out heavy metals such as lead and copper; Clouding, organic contamination and substances which impair odour and taste (chlorine residues) are also reduced.
- Capacity: up to 600 litres (bypass 2) or max. 12 months.
• GROHE Blue® Filter Head:
- Flexible filter adjustment: 600 ltrs, 1,500 ltrs or 3,000 ltrs replacement filter cartridges (factory pre-set for operation with 600 ltrs filters).
- Can be adjusted to work in a hard or soft water areas (factory pre-set to carbonate hardness C3 (bypass 2)).
- Easy to exchange filter cartridge.
- Fitted with a type-tested non-return valve.
• Supplied with flow meter/sensor, display unit (battery included) and 1,500mm cable.
- Type of protection: Display unit - IPX4; Sensor - IPX8.
• Recommended flow pressure: 2.0-5.0 bar.
• Approvals: WRAS.
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