Grohe Red Kitchen Taps

GROHE Red Kitchen Taps

GROHE Red® - Instant kettle hot water plus integrated kitchen tap.

Instant refreshment on demand - in the past you would have needed a pot or kettle, now it comes directly from the tap. The innovative GROHE Red® system keeps three litres of filtered kettle hot water ready for immediate use at all times. Take a moment to count up just how many times you need kettle hot water in the kitchen. When you’re looking forward to a nice cup of tea or coffee, when you want pasta in tomato sauce in an instant, for blanching vegetables, when the baby’s crying with hunger but the bottle is not sterilised yet. This list goes on…

With the GROHE Red®, you can draw filtered kettle hot water directly from the tap without having to wait. Up to three litres. Simple. Economical. WRAS approved for all installations and with a 5 year guarantee for ulitmate piece of mind. Pack full of great features such as:

  • GROHE CoolTouch® technology: Insulates the mixer so well that you can touch it without any risk at all. Even for those little fingers that sometimes touch things they shouldn‘t.
  • GROHE ChildLock: ChildLock does not rule out the possibility of scalding from 99°C water, but it does make it practically impossible - for the kettle hot water to flow, you must first pull and then turn the left handle. This child-resistant feature has been independently tested and certified.
  • GROHE Red® Titanium Boiler: All boilers in GROHE Red® collection are made from titanium. Unlike stainless steel and copper, two metals traditionally used for boilers, titanium is highly resistant to corrosion and limescale build-up – ensuring perfect performance over a lifetime. Titanium is also bio-compatible, hence why it is used in medical applications e.g. surgical instruments and implants. And as it imparts no metallic taste to the water, the kettle hot water that comes out of your GROHE Red® mixer will always taste exactly the same as it did before entering the boiler.
  • GROHE Blue® Filter System: GROHE Red® is equipped with an integrated five stage high performance filtration system - no other hot water tap currently on the market incorporates this innovative filtering process! The GROHE Red® tap filters out heavy metals such as lead and copper, removes substances which impair the smell and taste, such as chlorine and organic compounds – so you are left with fresh filtered water for that great tasting cup of tea or coffee.

The GROHE Red® mixers are available to purchase here at Plumbing For Less - replace your standard kitchen mixer with the GROHE Red® Duo, so you can draw kettle hot water whenever needed in addition to regular mixed water.