GROHE Blue Replacement Filter Cartridge M-Size, 1500 Litres, 40430 001

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The GROHE Blue® BWT Replacement Filter Cartridge M-Size 40 430 001 for GROHE Blue and GROHE Red kitchen water systems, up to 1,500 litres capacity.

Nature has a very effective system for perfecting water: the different layers of soil and rock filter it and give it its unique, pure taste. The GROHE Blue® & BWT (Best Water Technology) filter system works in a similar way: the water is purified in four phases, giving it an even better taste. Undesirable substances which impair taste and smell such as chlorine are removed for great tasting, soft water. Fine particles and heavy metals are filtered out and the lime content is reduced.

A further, very pleasant knock-on effect of the GROHE Blue® filter system is the time you'll save when you no longer need to descale your kettle, coffee maker or iron as frequently as before.

Four phases of the GROHE Blue® water filtering process:

- Non-woven pre-filter: Removes large particles.
- Ion exchanger: Reduces the lime content, filters out heavy metals from the water and reduces the hardness.
- Activated carbon filter: Removes substances which impair the smell and taste, such as chlorine and organic compounds.
- Fine particle filter: Captures all particles above a size of 10 µm.

The GROHE Blue® Replacement Filter Cartridge M-Size 40430001 features and specifications:

- Reduces carbonate hardness and filters out heavy metals such as lead and copper; Also clouding and organic contamination, as well as substances which impair odour and taste, such as chlorine residues, are reduced.
- Size/Capacity: M (medium)/up to 1,500 litres or max. 12 months.
- Dimensions, mm: Please see pictures.
- The filter system may only be operated with cold water of foodstuff grade.
- Please note: The GROHE Blue/GROHE Red system must be flushed and reset after the filter has been changed.
- Also please note: This filter cartridge is designed for use with 'newer' GROHE Blue Water Systems (post 2013), but can be used with 'older' versions (pre 2013) as well - will require the Filter Head Adaptor 118716 (can be obtained free of charge by calling GROHE Customer Service +44 (0) 871 200 3414).


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