GROHE Blue Pure Filter Kitchen Mixer Starter Kit, Arched Spout, Chrome, 31087 001



*** PLEASE NOTE: This product is now obsolete/discontinued and no longer available for order. We recommend GROHE Blue Pure Starter Kit (MPN 33249 001) if you are looking for a similar product ***

GROHE Blue Pure 31 087 001 is the alternative solution for people who prefer the natural taste of still water. Using the unique GROHE Blue® filter technology it turns ordinary tap water into fresh water, removing all of the substances that can impair its taste, and offers a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to bottled mineral water.

The GROHE Blue Pure Starter Kit 31087001 comprises:
- GROHE Blue Duo Monobloc Single Lever C-shaped High Spout Kitchen Sink Mixer with filter function;
- GROHE Blue Water Filter Cartridge, S-Size, 600 ltrs (40404 001);
- GROHE Blue Filter Head (64508 001).

The GROHE Blue Pure Starter Kit 31087001 features and specifications:

• GROHE Blue Duo Kitchen Sink Mixer with filter function:
- Installation: Monobloc (one-hole).
- SmoothTurn: Easily swivelling, C-shaped (arched), high tubular spout, swivel area 180°.
- Separate inner water ways: For filtered and non-filtered water.
- Non-filtered water operation: Single lever handle with GROHE SilkMove® 35mm ceramic cartridge for precise smooth operation and water control.
- Filtered water operation: Separate handle for still, purified table water; Ceramic headpart 1/2''; Includes filter LED indicator alerting the user when the filter needs to be changed.
- Mousseur (aerator).
- Flow rate at 3 bar flow pressure: Fitting (tap water) - approx. 9 ltr/min; Filter cartridge (GROHE Blue® water) - approx. 3.5 ltr/min.
- GROHE StarLight® chrome finish: Resistant to scratches, soiling and tarnishing for enduring pristine looks.
- Adjustable flow rate limiter and flexible connection hoses supplied.
- Max. temperature: Fitting (tap water) - 70°C.
- Min. flow pressure: 1.0 bar.
- Recommended flow pressure: 2.0-5.0 bar, balanced hot and cold supplies.
- Suitable for high pressure systems.
- Supplied with control unit and power supply with mains plug.
• The GROHE Blue® Water Filter Cartridge:
- 4-phased GROHE Blue water filtering process: Reduces carbonate hardness and filters out heavy metals such as lead and copper; Also clouding and organic contamination, as well as substances which impair odour and taste, such as chlorine residues, are reduced.
- Capacity: Up to 600 litres or max. 12 months.
• Complete with GROHE Blue Filter Head:
- Easy to change filter cartridge in just a few steps.
- Flexible filter adjustment: For 600 litre, 1,500 litre or 3,000 litre replacement filter cartridges (factory pre-set for operation with 600 litre filter cartridges).
- Can be adjusted to work in a hard or soft water areas (factory pre-set to the standard value for carbonate hardness C3 (bypass 40%)).
- Fitted with a type-tested non-return valve.
• Voltage supply: 100-240V AC / 50/60 Hz.
• Power consumption: 9W.
• Type of protection: IP55.
• Noise classification: 1 in accordance with DIN4109.
• CE approved.
• Dimensions, mm: Please see pictures.
• Guarantee: 5 years GROHE Manufacturer's Guarantee.

Please note: GROHE Pure Filter System delivers still, non-chilled, purified water ONLY.

Also, please note: 3/8" female connectors at the end of the flexible tails as with all GROHE Monobloc Mixer Taps. Two 15mm x 3/8" male adaptors are required to fit to the UK's 15mm copper pipework.

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