GROHE & FOSTER Kitchen Sink & Taps Packs

GROHE is delighted to announce its partnership with FOSTER, pairing together two manufacturers dedicated to craftmanship, quality and innovation, to create a selection of tap and sink solutions. GROHE understand that the sink and tap are two of the hardest-worked features of your kitchen and are selected for both functionality and style; GROHE's taps are designed with this in mind.

GROHE's award-winning kitchen mixer taps are made from the finest materials and feature the latest technologies, created for longevity in the daily demands of a busy kitchen. Now, GROHE and FOSTER's partnership will fuse together German Engineering with Italian Design to deliver a complete washing solution, with tap and sink solutions that combine functionality, luxury design and good looks without compromising on quality.

The partnership offers a complete solution for your tap and sink with a perfectly matched design to ensure a coordinated look in your kitchen. Choose between flat-edge, under-mount and flush-mount sink designs with beautiful taps to complement. From the Red Dot Design awarded K7 mixer combined with the stunning New Wave sink with its unique waterfall rim, to the Ambi Cosmopolitan paired with the simple and functional Moon, German Technology and Italian Design combine to deliver all of your kitchen tap and sink needs.

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