Kitchen Inspirations 2016

Your kitchen is more than just a spacefor cooking and eating, your kitchen is where all of the action in the home takes place. From Saturday mornings as a family to entertaining guests in the evening, your kitchen is the heart of your home. Inspire yourself and transform your kitchen area with practical and easy decorative touches.

Colour Story

Bring bold colours and high gloss finishes into your kitchen. Make things ‘pop’ with either block colours or something out of the ordinary that will make your kitchen stand out. Colours like vanilla white, cherry red, greens, purples, aqua and blues all contribute to this style of design. Keep the rest of your kitchen accessories and utensils in the same colour range to avoid visual commotion.


Your kitchen needs to seamlessly extend into the other parts of your home and create a balanced flow, which can be achieved with a simplified and cohesive colour pallet. Added with a tiny splash of colour in there, whether it is a few red ornaments or hints of colour here and there will make a huge difference.

All Natural

White kitchens never go out of date. With touches such as flagstone floors, oak islands and ceiling beams alongside farmhouse style features such as tables, chairs and cooker surrounds. Islands also provide extra seating for the relaxing breakfasts and afternoon coffees.

Make your kitchen your pride and joy and have the perfect setting for whatever comes its way. From bold to natural colours, hidden shelving to open plan storage space; the choice is yours.