WAVIN Hep2O Composite Manifold 'A'-Rated Control Pack, 15UH512 (Old Ref 88UH212)

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WAVIN Hep2O Manufacturer's part number: 15UH512 (Former Code Ref 88UH212).

WAVIN Hep2O Composite Manifold 'A' Energy Rated Control Pack is a water mixing control unit, incorporating an 'A'-Rated energy-efficient domestic circulator pump with advanced mixing valve, mixes floor return water with the incoming primary flow to create the correct secondary flow temperture. Hep2O Control Pack is required for UFH systems designed to have water temperature regulation through the manifold.

WAVIN Hep2O Composite Manifold 'A'-Rated Control Pack by Wavin features and benefits:

• Each Control Pack contains:
- 1" Mixing Unit - circulator pump ('A'-labelled energy-efficient Grundfos ALPHA2 25-60) and 3-port mixing valve;
- Bracket and Spacer;
- Installation Kit.
• 3-port mixing valve enables optimum mixing and use of primary flow during warm-up.
• Allows heat source to operate at lowest possible temparture - the 3-port valve in the mixing unit allows:
- either 100% of the water to be taken directly from the heat source;
- or 100% to be re-circulated;
- or any intermediate proportional mix of direct and re-circulated water.
• The Grundfos ALPHA2 25-60 pump, used in this Control Pack, is an 'A' Rated Energy labelled circulating pump, achieving the highest possible energy saving under the current energy labelling scheme by using up to 80% less electrical energy than D-labelled circulators.
• Suitable for any floor type or finish.
• Part of the Single Circuit System.
• Flow Watch Protection Thermostat will be required in installations that have boiler interlock (Can be purchased separately, MPN 88UH224).

NOTE: For right handed manifold assemblies it is necessary to modify the control pack, allowing it to be fitted to the right hand side (Please refer to the Composite Manifold's Installation Brochure for the correct procedure).
For more information on Hep2O Composite 'A' Labelled Manifold Control Pack by Wavin, please refer to the Hep2O Underfloor Heating Product Guide and Product Brochure , and Composite Manifold's Installation Guide and How To Video for assembly and installation information.