Wavin Hep2O L Shaped Bracket (old code ref15uh699)

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Manufacturer's part number: 15UH612. (old code ref 15uh699)
Wavin Thermoboard 'L' Bracket, 1200mm x 50mm x 50mm - plastic L-shaped brackets, designed for use within UFH system for Joisted Floors, both existing and new.
The Wavin Thermoboard L-Shaped Brackets are used when Thermoboard Foiled Polystyrene Panels are being installed in UFH system for joisted floors, from above the floor construction - brackets are nailed into position with their top vertical edge flush with top of joist to hold/support the foiled panel installed between joists. The use of 'L’ Brackets makes UFH installation faster and easier. In addition the 'L' Brackets function as spring clamps, holding the foiled insulation panels proud of the joists until the floor deck is laid - this creates firm contact with the floor deck, maximising the system efficiency and performance.
The Wavin Thermoboard Foiled Polystyrene Insulation Panels features:
For use with underfloor heating systems for Joisted Floors construction from above.
Easy to install.
Provide faster installation time compared to using other panel supports.
Dimensions: 1200mm x 50mm x 50mm.
Material: Plastic.
For more detailed information on the Wavin Thermoboard 'L' Brackets, please refer to the Thermoboard Joisted Floors Technical Datasheet , Installation Guide for Joisted Floors Construction from above and Foiled Polystyrene system installation from above in Joisted Floors :