Underfloor Heating For Screeded Floors, Single Room Kit, 10 sq.m

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Wavin Thermoboard 10m2 Single Room Water Underfloor Heating (UFH) Kit is designed for Single Circuit (Single Zone) UFH system installation within a new screeded floor construction using Thermoboard Staple System method. 10m2 UFH Kit is designed to cover a single 10m2 room when the UFH pipe is spaced at 200mm apart (200mm to pipe centres) with heat output around 140W per square metre, and is ideal for combining one small area of water underfloor heating (e.g. bathroom, utility room, small bedroom) with a standard radiator system. Alternatively, it can be connected directly to the boiler.
Single Room UFH Kit is designed for installation within new screeded floors - floors laid onto a solid sub-floor onto which a sand/cement or liquid screed will be applied over an insulating layer. When UFH pipework is incorporated the screed (good conductor of heat) acts as a heat diffuser.
10m2 UFH Kit Includes*:
1 x Wavin Thermoboard Composite Manifold Control Pack (88UH211).
1 x Wavin Thermoboard Flexius 16mm UFH Barrier Pipe, 60 Metre Coil (16UH060).
1 x Wavin Thermoboard Composite Manifold 22mm Isolation Valves (Pack of 2) (88UH311).
1 x Wavin Thermoboard Single Circuit Control Fittings Pack (88UH511), consists of:
2 x 1" to 15mm adaptors;
2 x 15mm elbows;
2 x 15 to 16mm adaptors (to create ports for pipe circuit connection to the mixing unit);
2 x pipe support sleeves for Ø16mm UFH pipe.
1 x Wavin Thermoboard 60mm Staples Pack (Pack of 300) (15UH230).
1 x Wavin Thermoboard Edge Expansion Foam (15UH153).
* All components in this kits are also sold separately, please click on appropriate product to view its description.
Please note: Rigid insulation panels are not supplied in this kit and need to be purchased SEPARATELY.
Optional Accessories*:
Upgrade 1 - 1 x Wavin Thermoboard 230V Single Room Programmable LCD Thermostat (52UH273).
Upgrade 2 - 1 x Wavin Thermoboard Underfloor Heating Single Zone Control Kit (52UH701).
* No thermostat included in this UFH room kit initially.
Features and benefits of this Single Circuit UFH kit:
Screed is a good conductor of heat and acts as a heat diffuser (65mm thick as standard).
Cost effective and safe.
Optimum use of primary flow during warm-up.
No balancing needed (single circuit system).
Independent choice of rigid insulation panels to suit thermal and acoustic properties as required.
Suits irregularly shaped floor areas.
Suitable for any type of finish - tiled, timber and carpeted floor coverings.
Rigid insulation panels (chosen and purchased independently) req