Underfloor Heating Single Room Packs

The Underfloor Heating Single Room kits are designed for Single Circuit UFH system installation within a new screeded floor construction using Hep2O UFH Staple System method, and are ideal for combining one area of water underfloor heating (e.g. bathroom, living room, kitchen) with a standard radiator system. Each kit is designed to cover an area in square meters when the Ø16mm UFH pipe is spaced at 200mm apart providing the heat output around 140W per square metre.

Features and benefits of such Water UFH System:

  • Lowest possible UFH product cost, although installation will typically take longer increasing installation costs.
  • Screed (good conductor of heat) acts as a great heat diffuser, floors laid onto a solid sub-floor onto which a sand/cement or liquid screed will be applied over an insulating layer.
  • For Screed Floors the maximum recommended flow temperature is 55°C.
  • Irregularly shaped rooms are easily accommodated with the ability to install pipe at any angle, allowing oblique walls to be followed and obstacles such as sanitary ware or pillars to be easily avoided.
  • Rigid insulation panels required beneath all UFH systems, their thickness should comply with current Building Regulations and/or standards (NOTE: These panels are to be independently sourced - NOT supplied with Staples system).
  • Use spiral (recommended) or serpentine pattern: serpentine pipe runs normally lie parallel to longest edge of room.
  • Suitable for tiled, timber and carpeted floor coverings.
  • Nylon staples and polybutylene pipe are 100% recyclable.
  • Avoid floor areas where heating NOT required (under permanent fixtures such as kitchen appliances/cupboards).
  • WARNING: A standard sand/cement screed should be allowed to cure for 21 days after being laid before commencing the initial heating procedure. Under no circumstances should the underfloor heating be used to speed up the curing process. For other coverings please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.