Wavin Hep2O System Plate Plastic Panel 1275mm x 975mm

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Manufacturer's part number: 16UH196.
Wavin Thermoboard System Plate, 1275mm x 975mm - vacuum-formed recycled plastic sheets with pre-formed grips to hold Ø16mm UFH pipe in position, designed for use within UFH system construction for new screeded floors.
The Wavin Thermoboard System Plates are vacuum-formed sheets of recycled plastic, incorporating an array of castellations designed to securely locate Ø16mm UFH pipe spaced at multiples of 75mm. Sheets are laid over the sub floor, thermally insulated in accordance with Building Regulations, overlapping the edges by 75mm and interlocking them to form a continuous layer.
The Thermoboard System Plates are flexible enough to follow the curvature of pre cast planks, yet rigid enough to not need securing to the supporting layer. They can be laid over any sub floor that is otherwise suitable to accept a screed. The plates are easily cut to size with a utility knife and are interlocked with the adjacent plates once laid. A quick press of the foot creates a continuous layer, suitable for direct application of either sand/cement or liquid screeds. The grid of castellations allow pipe to be installed with precision and without fear of kinking it simply by walking it into place while rolling the pipe coil along the floor. By allowing almost all of the system installation to be conducted from a standing position, the prolonged strain exerted on the lower back while installing a basic screeded systems is eliminated. System Plates allow the UFH system to be installed quickly with minimal effort by a single person, while also keeping the pipe precisely spaced and exactly as designed.
The Wavin Thermoboard System Plates features and benefits:
For use with Ø16mm Thermoboard Flexius UFH pipe .
For use with underfloor heating systems for new screeded floors.
Can be laid over any sub floor suitable for supporting a screeded floor.
Edges overlap and interlock to provide a base that is equally suited to sand/cement and liquid screeds.
Protect the pipe by supporting foot traffic and wheelbarrows on the castellations, preventing the pipe from being crushed or being snagged and pulled lose.
The regular clips ensure the pipe is securely located, so that its depth within the screed is known and any fixings can be made into the floor with confidence.
UFH pipe can be located within the plates at 0°, 90° and ±45° angles, allowing complex room shapes to be handled with ease.
UFH pipe can be installed at any multiple of 75mm spacing, allowing it to be installed closer together where additional heat will be required and further apart where it is not.
Allow for a faster installation and more accurate recreation of the installation drawings than basic screeded systems.
Can be quickly trimmed to size using a utility knife or saw if desired.
Easy, fast to install (Note: spiral pattern recommended = more even floor surface temperature).
Transitional Areas - where System Plates are not required or practical and/or where pipes need to be closely placed together (e.g. on approach to