Hep2O Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat by Wavin (old code ref 52uh983)

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Wavin Hep2O Manufacturer's part number: 52UH983.
Hep2O Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat - wireless programmable digital room thermostat for use with the Hep2O 14-zone Control Centre , designed for control of a single or multi-zone Hep2O UFH systems, both in new build and renovation projects.
Hep2O Programmable Room Thermostat lets you choose what times you want the heating to be on, and what temperature it should reach while it is on, allowing you to select different temperatures in your home at different times of the day (and days of the week) to meet your particular needs.
Hep2O Programmable Thermostat by Wavin features and benefits:
Wirelessly linked to the Control Centre.
Modern design.
Convenient and comfortable temperature control.
7-Day programmable - every day can be programmed separately to ensure optimum energy usage.
‘Optimised Start' feature - when activated, the Thermostat will adjust the start time to achieve the desired temperature at the start of the programmed time.
Uses secure digital RF communication with 868.5MHz band and encoded data transfer.
Designed for placement on walls, tables or shelves, meaning increased room decor flexibility.
Party Mode - boosts the temperature by 2oC above the comfort setting until the next programmed change.
Frost Alarm - integral frost protection set at 3oC (installer adjustable between -10oC and + 10oC).
Fire Alarm - default setting at 60ºC (adjustable by installer between +50ºC and +70ºC), electronic signal, not audible without connection to an alarm circuit.
Child/Keypad lock.
Easy to configure.
Easy to operate via a ‘jog' dial.
Low battery indicator.
Ideal for projects/renovations involving installation of temperature controls in several phases.
No disruption to existing walls during installation as no wiring required between the Wireless Room Thermostat and the Control Centre.
Wireless thermostats can be combined with wired thermostats within the same system, if required.
Only one thermostat can be enrolled to each Control Centre's channel however a thermostat can be enrolled to multiple channels or other receivers without restriction, meaning one thermostat can control multiple UFH zones.
The lifetime of a Wireless Thermostat's battery depends on the capacity of the battery installed and operational demands: the operational life of the standard battery is approximately 1 year; lithium batteries should have an operational life in the region of 5 years.
Floor temperature detection (optional) - the Hep2O Thermostat is equipped with an input terminal for temperature sensor connection. This is especially suitable for UFH control - by placing the sensor directly into the floor the heating regulation can be performed with higher precision (Remote Sensor Probe , purchased separately).
Warning: The UFH Wireless Thermostat should not positioned in Wet Rooms (e.g. Bathrooms). When controlling Wet Rooms, the Wireless Thermostat should be located in a suitable location outside of the Wet Room, with the Remote Sensor Probe