TELFORD Tempest Direct 200 Litre Unvented Stainless Steel Cylinder, TSMD200


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The TELFORD Tempest Direct Unvented Domestic Cylinder, Stainless Steel, 200 litre capacity.

The properties of any stainless grade are defined not only by its alloy content but also by the way it is produced. Ustentic stainless steel 316L is often used in water tanks. This grade offers limited strength properties, so need to be thick enough to handle the internal pressure.

So, the ideal solution is a formable stainless steel that is strong enough to enable thinner structures - DUPLEX 2304. The Duplex Stainless Cylinder offers optimised composition alloy elements which have created a stronger and corrosion resistant product which out performs not only other stainless steels but other competing solutions too.


- Easy to install.
- Easy to commission.
- Step by step installation guide.
- Secondary return on cylinders 200L and above.
- External expansion vessel.
- Lifetime Manufacturer's Guarantee on the cylinder and 2 year Manufacturer's Warranty against parts.


- Cylinder Body:
• Duplex 2304 Stainless Steel;
• Domes are precision manufactured and welded to the body, producing a strong and reliable vessel.
- Outer Casing:
• Mild steel with white plastic coated finish and corrosion resistant base;
• Wipe clean finish;
• Thermal Installation Rigid polyurethene foam - CFC + HCFC free.
- Primary Coil:
• 22mm continuously wound coil, suitable for pumped systems only.
- Immersion Heater:
• Supplied with all models, comes with two as standard on direct cylinders;
• Long life incoloy, low noise element;
• Titanium Immersion Heaters can be purchased at an additional cost.