CALMAG CalGlow 22mm In-Line Magnetic and Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor, SI-CALGLOW


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CALMAG CalGlow 22mm In-Line Magnetic and Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor, SI-CALGLOW.

The Calmag CalGlow SI-CALGLOW is an in-line dual technology (combines magnetic and electrolytic technologies) scale inhibitor suitable for installations on incoming cold water line for preventing the formation of limescale; supplied complete with 22mm compression fittings, no earth bonding needed.

Installing Calmag CalGlow on the cold water feed of individual hot water appliances prevents hard scale build-up in pipework and heat exchangers in household water systems and appliances such as water heaters, showers, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.

CalGlow is a totally unique scale inhibitor that combines two scale inhibiting technologies into one. The first technology is the use of a magnetic bar to induce a single polarity into the water. This causes the calcium and magnesium (limescale) particles to take on the same polarity. The particles then repel each other, and as a result prevent the formation of hard limescale. The second technology is the use of zinc plates which create the same reaction as the magnet. Once water passes over the plates and the inner copper body of the unit, a single polarity is induced into the water supply. This then stops the formation of hard limescale. In addition, the zinc plates slowly release minute particles into the water supply which prevents corrosion by removing all the air in the system.

The Calmag CalGlow SI-CALGLOW Scale Inhibitor features and specifications:

- Combines dual technology - magnetic and electrolytic.
- Suitable for installations on cold water feed lines.
- No chemicals.
- No maintenance.
- No earth bonding required.
- Whole house protection.
- Metal body.
- Fittings: 22mm compression.
- Max. working pressure: 12 bar (168 psi).
- Max. temperature: 100°C.
- Max. flow rate: 1.08 ltrs/sec (14gpm).
- Material: Plated copper.
- Dimensions: Overall length 192mm (155mm excluding fittings); Diameter 32mm.
- Approvals: WRAS; Meets the requirements of the Domestic Heating Design Guide for treating feed water to water heaters and hot water circuits of combination boilers (where water hardness exceeds 200 parts per million).
- Guarantee: Lifetime Manufacturer's Guarantee.


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