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*** PLEASE NOTE: This product is now discontinued and no longer available for order. Thank you ***

VOKERA Manufacturer's Product Code: 965.

The VOKERA AquaNova Instantaneous Water Heater is a room sealed, fan-flued, gas fired appliance incorporating electronic ignition, NTC temperature control, continuous gas modulation, and status/fault indicators, suitable for wall mounting applications only, provided with a fan powered flue outlet with an annular co-axial combustion air intake that can be rotated horizontally through 360 degrees for various horizontal or vertical applications.

The VOKERA AquaNova Water Heater is extremely popular due to its high performance and simple installation, commissioning and operation, making it ideal for small homeowners with a big demand for hot water, even in low water pressure areas. Ideal applications include: small domestic properties such as flats, office kitchens, remote cloakrooms, or where a dead leg would exceed British Standards.

The Vokera AquaNova Instantaneous Multipoint Water Heater has the following features and technical specifications:

- Hot water on demand to multiple outlets in kitchen and bathroom 24 hours a day, only heats the water used, meaning it is equally beneficial for saving money and being efficient.
- Ideal for replacement installations for properties that require hot water supply only due to existing electric, convector or gas wall heating appliances.
- Simple installation and commissioning: All connections are easily accessible and the appliance features a built-in fly lead.
- Simple to service: No diaphragm or water section meaning reduced maintenance requirements.
- Continuous gas modulation and electronic temperature sensing gives accurate temperature control.
- Status/fault LED indicators: Equipped with two LED indicators to provide a visual aid of whether the appliance is working normally or has developed a fault.
- No standby losses: Electronic ignition eliminates the need for a constantly running fan or energy wasteful pilot light.
- Principle components:
• A fully integrated electronic control board featuring electronic temperature control, self-diagnostic fault indicator, continuous gas modulation.
• Electronic ignition with flame supervision.
• Fan.
• Differential air pressure switch.
• Two-stage gas valve.
- Heat input: 32.0kW.
- Heat output to water: 28.8kW.
- Outlet temperature, Min./Max.: 40°C/65°C, selectable.
- Max. D.H.W. (Domestic Hot Water) flow rate ?t 35°C: 11.8 ltr/min.
- Max. system pressure: 10 bar.
- Min. flow rate required: 2 ltr/min.
- Min. cold water inlet pressure: 0.15 bar.
- Pipe connections: D.H.W./Cold water/Gas - 15mm.
- Flexible flueing using Vokera’s concentric Uni-Flue or parallel Twin Flue systems (not supplied and must be purchased separately):
• Max. horizontal uni-flue length (concentric 60/100mm): 2.4m.
• Max. vertical uni-flue length (concentric 60/100mm):3.6m.
• Max. horizontal/vertical twin flue length (parallel 80/80mm): 5m/5m + terminal.
- Application: Domestic/Light commercial.
- Electrical supply: 230V~50Hz; Appliance must be properly connected to the electrical supply by means of a double pole isolator or un-switched socket with the correct size of fuse (3A) fitted.
- Power consumption: 85W.
- Dimension (H x W x D), mm: 640 x 400 x 245 (please see pictures for more details and clearances).
- Weight: 20 kg.
- Guarantee: 2 year parts and labour Vokera's Manufacturer Guarantee.

Please note: The price is for the Vokera AquaNova Instantaneous Multipoint Water Heater ONLY; Flue and accessories are purchased separately.


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