VOKERA Unica 32 HE Condensing Combination Boiler ONLY, 912

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*** PLEASE NOTE: This boiler is now obsolete/discontinued and no longer available for order. We recommend VOKERA Unica i32 if your are looking for a similar boiler. ***

VOKERA Manufacturer's Product Code: 912.

The Vokera Unica 32 HE High Efficiency Condensing Combination Gas Boiler is a fully automatic, high efficiency, wall-mounted, room sealed, fan assisted, Vokera combi boiler, which provides both central heating and domestic hot water on demand, with the domestic hot water supplied directly from the boiler.

This Vokera Unica 32 HE combi boiler is Vokera's mid range 'A'-rated condensing combi boiler, ideal for small to medium sized homes with a smaller hot water and central heating demand, such as flats/apartments or 2/3 bedroom semi-detached houses, and requires no hot water cylinder or cold water storage tank, thus minimising the space it occupies. Unica 32 HE delivers a very high flow rate, providing you with maximum domestic hot water comfort and is extremely simple to operate, making the Unica HE combi a fantastic choice.

The Vokera Unica 32 HE Combi Boiler features and benefits:

- High Efficiency and NOx Class 5.
- Complies with the S.E.D.B.U.K. scheme, band "A".
- Ideally suited for properties such as a 1 bedroom apartment/flat with 1 bathroom or 1/2 bedroom semi-detached with 1 bathroom and en-suite.
- Designed for easy installation: A pre-fixing jig and built-in filling loop allows the system to be connected and tested without the boiler needing to be in place; rear flue option and automatic bypass as well as standard Vokera pipework layout enables simple, straight forward and trouble-free replacement of older Vokera models.
- Simple commissioning: Only minimal adjustments are required after installation and automatic modulation eliminates the need to range rate the boiler.
- High modulation ratio: Increasing efficiency and component longevity.
- Hot water pre-heat provides instant hot water, saving time and energy.
- Radial aluminium (Riello) heat exchanger: Allows more heat to be extracted by recapturing otherwise lost heat, provides excellent thermal transfer and anti-corrosion properties.
- Anti seize function (self-start programming): Protects the pump and motorised valve from sticking during long periods of inactivity.
- Anti-cycling control: Prevents energy wasteful on/off cycling and reduces wear and tear.
- Built-in frost protection: Protects the appliance against the risk of frost damage during periods of cold weather both for Central Heating and Domestic Hot Water.
- Intuitive control panel: Ensures end-users can easily operate and adjust the appliance.
- 'Autostop' function: Built-in disabling function that automatically changes the current operating mode, and moves it permanently into the standby mode.
- Single electronic circuit board: Simplifies commissioning and servicing.
- Built-in 'OpenTherm' (OT) technology: Enables Unica boiler to connect to Vokera OT Communication Protocol Control - industry standard method of controls/communications for thermostats, remote controls etc.
- Flexible and versatile (horizontal or vertical) push-fit flueing options up to 40 m (twin flue system): Enable the boiler to be sited almost anywhere in house (flues must be purchased separately).
- Compatible with the full range of Vokera controls and accessories such as weather compensation and OpenTherm, both standard and energy saving.
- Can be converted to LPG with LPG Kit.
- Cleanly styled: Italian designed casing blends easily into any setting.

The Vokera Unica 32 HE Combi Boiler specifications:

- This combination boiler has been designed for use with a sealed central heating systems only and comes fully tested and assembled - no need to check burne

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