IDEAL i-mini 24kW HE Combination Boiler, Horizontal Flue Kit

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The IDEAL i-mini 24kW Condensing Combination Gas Boiler is a fully automatic (full sequence & automatic spark ignition), wall mounted, room sealed, fan assisted, low water content, high efficiency Ideal combi boiler, which provides both central heating and domestic hot water on demand, with the domestic hot water supplied directly from the boiler.

The i-mini from ideal is compact, small in size, low in weight and high in performance. Perfect for when things are tight! It has been designed for the busy installer looking for a straight forward, easy to use, no-nonsense combi boiler. Comes with 2 year warranty as standard

Features and specifications:

- The boiler is supplied fully assembled with Domestic Hot Water plate heat exchanger, diverter valve, circulating pump, pressure gauge, safety valve and Central Heating expansion vessel.
- Central Heating (CH) output is fully modulating with a range of: 4.8 to 24.2kW (16,500 to 82,600 Btu/h).
- Instantaneous Domestic Hot Water (DHW) output is fully modulating with a maximum of: 24.2kW (82,600 Btu/h).
- Boiler controls: Variable CH and DHW temperature controls are fitted on the user control panel, including DHW preheat facility.
- Hot water preheat function: Provides instant hot water, saving time and energy.
- Automatic bypass function.
- Built-in frost protection: Protects the appliance against the risk of frost damage during periods of cold weather both for CH and DHW.
- Pump and actuator anti-block function (self-start programming cycle): Protects the pump and motorised divertor valve from sticking during long periods of inactivity.

- The heat exchanger is manufactured from cast aluminium.
- The boiler is suitable for connection to fully pumped, sealed heating systems ONLY.
- Pipework from the boiler is routed downwards.
- Boiler casing: White painted mild steel.

- Dimension (H x W x D), mm: 700 x 395 x 278 (please see pictures for more details).
- Clearances: Above - 165mm, below - 100mm, at the sides - 2.5mm, at the front - 450mm (for servicing).
- Weight: 32.7 kg/72.1 lbs (boiler only).
- The appliance must be properly connected to the electrical supply by means of a double pole isolator or un-switched socket, and fused at 3 A. THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED

- Covered by 2 years parts and labour warranty.

The price is for the i-mini 24kW HE Condensing Combination Boiler, Horizontal Flue Kit and Mechanical Clock.