GLOW-WORM 60/100 HE Concentric Telescopic Horizontal Flue Kit, A2043600 (1)

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*** PLEASE NOTE: THIS ITEM IS PRICED TO CLEAR AND SOLD ''AS IS''. ONLY 1 IN STOCK. Never been fitted but slight damage to box (*please see details below) ***

* RRP £75.13 ex. VAT. GLOW-WORM Telescopic Horizontal Flue Kit, in box, complete with all flue parts, fixings, instructions and warranty information. This item is new and has never been installed or used but there is some damage to the box. Telescopic flue, all flue fittings, fixings and all necessary paperwork are all present, complete and undamaged (please see last two pictures for details).

The GLOW-WORM A2043600 is Ø60/100mm concentric telescopic 384-589mm horizontal flue and terminal kit suitable for installations on top outet of the Glow-worm High Efficiency Condensing Boilers to allow the safe disposal of noxious gasses created by the combustion process; White finish.

When used in the horizontal plane, the flue system (excluding horizontal terminal) should be installed so that it has a 1°-3° fall back to the boiler (17mm - 51mm per metre). This will enable any condensate fluid that may form, to drain via the condensate connection/trap.

The Glow-worm Horizontal Telescopic Flue Kit A2043600 features and specifications:

- Flue system: Ø60/100mm.
- Outlet: Top.
- Compatibility: Suitable for installation with all Glow-worm HE (High Efficiency) Condensing Boilers.
- Kit comprises: 1 x telescopic terminal assembly, 1 flue elbow with gasket, 2 x sealing collars, 1 x securing collar, flue securing screws and sealing tape (please see pictures for details).
- Dimensions: 384-589mm.
- Dimensions for fitting: Fits walls up to 435mm thick; If desirable the flue can project to a maximum of 600mm beyond the outside wall face.
- Please note: DO NOT cut the telescopic flue, if the flue length cannot be achieved, the standard flue or extensions should be used.
- Finish: White.
- Guarantee: 2 years Glow-worm Manufacturere's Guarantee.

Please note: Flue systems and terminal locations should be located and installed in accordance with current Building Regulations (UK) or I.S. 813 (ROI). The terminal should be located where the dispersal of combustion products is not impeded and with due regard for the damage and/or discolouration that may occur to building products located nearby. The terminal must not be located in a place where it is likely to cause a nuisance. Water vapour may condense on leaving the terminal. The effect of such plumeing must be considered.


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