GLOW-WORM Flexicom 24cx HE Condensing Combi Boiler Pack and Horizontal Flue

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Glow-worm Manufacturer's Product Code: 0010005483.
The Glow-worm Flexicom 24cx High Efficiency Condensing Combination Gas Boiler (24kW Output), also known by its manufacturer's product code 0010005483, is a fully automatic, wall mounted, room sealed, fan assisted, compact and simple to install Glow-worm combi boiler. The Glow-worm 24cx is compact enough to fit in a standard kitchen cupboard and was the first High Efficiency boiler in the UK with a direct rear flue (optional), meaning that if you are looking to remove a standard efficiency boiler with a direct rear flue, the Glow-worm 24cx will easily replace it.
This Glow-worm Flexicom boiler is designed for use as part of a sealed water central heating system with fully pumped circulation. The pump, expansion vessel and associated safety devices are all fitted within the combi boiler. The Flexicom 24cx HE Combi Boiler provides a quick and simple installation with no need to remove the front casing during installation thanks to the pre-fixing jig, and an upward piping kit is available as an accessory to enhance siting flexibility. The aluminium heat exchanger also has wide waterways which enable this Glow-worm combi boiler to easily cope with system debris that has built up over time - ideal for retrofit.
The Glow-worm Flexicom 24cx Boiler features:
High Efficiency and NOx Class 5 - Flexicom is recommended by the Energy Saving Trust with a NOx class 5 rating.
This Glow-worm combi boiler appliance complies with the S.E.D.B.U.K. scheme, band "A", meaning it operates at higher efficiency (90.0%) and uses less gas to heat the water, therefore it will provide efficient heating and subsequently reduce fuel bills and carbon dioxide emissions.
5 second hot water delivery (measured at tap 1.0m from boiler).
Compact dimensions - fits inside standard kitchen cupboard*.
Direct rear flue option.
Advanced diagnostics.
Inbuilt automatic system bypass.
Inbuilt condensate trap/siphon.
Inbuilt frost protection (two stage).
Daily pump and 3 way valve exercise programme.
Pre-fixing jig.
Central Heating output, Min/Max: 9.3/18.0 kW.
Central Heating condensing Max output: 18.8 kW.
Domestic Hot Water output, Min/Max: 9.3/25.1 kW.
Domestic Hot Water flow rate ?t 35°C: 9.85 ltr/min.
User display: 2 Digit LCD.
Compatible with Glow-worm eBus controls including the Climapro2 RF.
Dimension (H x W x D), mm: 700 x 390 x 280.
Weight: 36 kg.
The mains plug used must be a 3 pin type to BS1363, and fused at 3 A. THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED.
2 year parts and labour warranty, extendable to 5 years with Glowworm club energy (ask our sales staff for details).
* Sizes of kitchen cupboards may vary. Please check boiler and cupboard dimensions prior to installations.
Please note, this price is for the Glow-worm Flexicom 24cx Combi Boiler and Standard Horizontal Flue.
For more information on this Glow-worm Flexicom combi boiler, please visit this product's specification webpage .
For more detailed information and installation instructions on this Glow-worm combi boiler, please refer to this product's Technical Manual .
Programmer Options:
Mechanical - Glow worm Flexicom Mechanical Glide Down Timer (Product code