HONEYWELL Home ST9400C Digital 7 Day 2-Channel Programmer, ST9400C1000

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HONEYWELL Home ST9400C Digital 7 Day 2-Channel Programmer, ST9400C1000.

The Honeywell Home ST9400C is a 2-channel Programmer, designed for control of both heating and stored hot water in complete systems. The heating and hot water programs are completely independent, to allow the system to be operated in the most energy-efficient manner possible. The Honeywell ST9400C lets you choose what times you want the heating to be on, and what temperature it should reach while it is on, allowing you to select different temperatures in your home at different times of the day (and days of the week) to meet your particular needs.
The Honeywell Home ST9400C can also be set as a Mini-Programmer for older gravity-circulation stored hot water systems, where there is no interlocking control-valve.

The Honeywell Home ST9400C product features:

- LoTâ„¢ display, providing text feedback that gives help and programming hints.
- Large back-lit display.
- Factory set clock and date.
- Automatic Summer/Winter 1 hour time change.
- Temporary or permanent override facilities.
- Extra hour facility, for up to 3 hours boost or program extension.
- 5/2 or 7 day programming flexibility: Choose between weekday/weekend or ever-day temperature programming to ensure optimum energy usage.
- Program indicator lights.
- Fits on industry standard back plate.
- Direct replacement for ST6400 models.
- Any programmed settings retained indefinitely in non volatile memory.
- Up to 3 ON/OFF times per day.
- 'Holiday' button.

The Honeywell Home ST9400C replaces the following obsolete products:

- ST6200A1009;
- ST6300A1007;
- ST6300A1015;
- ST6400A1005;
- ST6400A1003;
- ST6400A1052;
- ST699B1002;
- ST799A1003;
- ST9400A1002.