SALUS Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat, RT500RF

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The SALUS Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat RT500RF is a radio frequency digital programmable room thermostat with large backlit LCD display, ideal for use in situations where it is impractical to run wires between the thermostat location and other controls within the heating system.

The RT500RF from SALUS Controls is a stylish and accurate 5/2 or 7 day programmable electronic thermostat with a large, easy to read LCD. This programmable thermostat has been specifically designed to be used for both Volt Free and AC heating applications and can replace most common residential thermostats and is designed to be used with electric, gas or oil heating control systems. Unlike ordinary single unit design thermostats, this is a new type of thermostat separating the operational functions into two units.

A programmable room thermostat is both a programmer and a room thermostat. A programmer allows you to set ‘On’ and ‘Off’ time periods to suit your own lifestyle. A room thermostat works by sensing the air temperature, switching on the heating when the air temperature falls below the thermostat setting, and switching it off once this set temperature has been reached. So, a programmable room thermostat lets you choose what times you want the heating to be on, and what temperature it should reach while it is on. It will allow you to select different temperatures in your home at different times of the day (and days of the week) to meet your particular needs.

The Receiver is used for wiring connections and heat on/off control. The Control Centre (thermostat itself) provides the user interface and temperature sensing/control. The two units are linked together by a Radio Frequency (RF) signal.


- Wireless version: Has all the benefits of the RT500 with the added simplicity of no wires.
- Desk stand thermostat with large back-lit LCD display.
- User friendly: Easy to program and easy to use.
- Built-in start up programming for quick installation.
- 5/2 or 7 day programming flexibility.
- Frost protection.
- Volt free contacts.
- 60 metre transmitter range.
- Frequency 868 MHz.
- Power supply: Thermostat - 2 x AA batteries (supplied); Receiver - 230Vac 50Hz.
- Dimensions (W x H x D), mm: Thermostat - 130 x 95 x 40; Receiver - 130 x 95 x 65.
- 2 year manufacturer's warranty.


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