SALUS 22mm Automatic By-Pass Valve, BPV100


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SALUS 22mm Automatic By-Pass Valve BPV100 for domestic heating systems.

The Salus Automatic By-Pass Valve BPV100 is pressure operated and opens only when the system pressure dictates - this will increase the system efficiency as well as eliminating any system noise. A lot of boiler manufacturers demand that the circulation of water through the boiler heat exchangers should not fall below a certain limit, regardless of system load.

Features and benefits:

- Simple to install and set.
- Improves efficiency.
- Reduces system noise and maintains an even system pressure.
- Maintains flow rates.
- Perfect for low water content systems.
- Standard 22mm compression fittings for ease of installation.
- Dimensions (W x H x D), mm: 105 x 50 x 20.

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