GROHE Fresh Retro-Fit Set for Concealed Toilet Cisterns, 38796 000

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The GROHE Fresh Retro-Fit Set 38796 000 is a fixing frame with opening function and container for aroma-tabs, designed for installations with GROHE concealed flushing cisterns with pneumatic flush valve and small access opening (inspection shaft).

The GROHE Fresh 38 796 000 brings a new level of convenience to the bathroom: it allows you to have the best of both worlds – the clean lines achieved from choosing a concealed cistern and the continuous hygiene and cleanliness associated with cistern blocks. Until now, it was not possible to access a concealed cistern to add a cleaning block. GROHE Fresh features an easy-to-open actuation plate, which gives access to a slide delivering the tablet into the cistern. The entire process takes seconds, thanks to the hinged plate that opens like a door.

The GROHE Fresh Retro-Fit Set 38796000 features and specifications:

- Easy and quick installation.
- Compatible with all GROHE concealed cisterns with pneumatic flushing valve AV1 and small access opening (inspection shaft): Whether it's a new installation project or the upgrade of an existing one.
- Suitable for retro-fittings with older cisterns: Simply remove the fixing frame, add the slide to the cistern and attach the new frame, then re-connect the pneumatic hose to the actuation plate.
- Complete with container for support of aromatic tabs/odour blocks (tabs/blocks are not supplied, must be purchased separately).
- Suitable for GROHE WC wall plates with dimensions 197mm x 156mm.
- Please note: Fresh retro-fit kit is not suitable for Skate Cosmopolitan WC wall plates with wood, glass or metal surface.
- Suitable for chlorine-free cistern tabs/blocks ONLY.
- Dimensions, mm: See pictures for details.
- Guarantee: 5 years GROHE Manufacturer's Guarantee.

Please note: Price is for the GROHE Fresh Retro-Fit Set ONLY (white plastic construction). Flush Plate and/or Flush Plate Mechanism are NOT INCLUDED and must be purchased separately.