CRAMER Bath Rubber Stain Eraser

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The Cramer Bath Rubber/Stain Eraser removes tough stains, metal abrasions and rust without scratching the surface.

You know the problem: paint marks, adhesive residue, lime scale, metal abrasions and tough stains on baths and basins, ceramic sanitary fixtures, sinks, tiles and floors. Often, normal cleaning products fail to remove these residues or cause damage and discolouration to the material. The Cramer Bath Rubber/Stain Eraser helps you to eliminate these problems - its composition enables to thoroughly remove deposits without scratching. Usable on enamel, ceramic and chrome surfaces.

Most high abrasive cleaners contain silicium carbide, quartz sand or corundum as abrasive agents. However, these agents are often significantly harder than the surfaces they are applied to and, inevitably, scratches are caused. The strong polishing particles in the Cramer Bath Rubber/Stain Eraser have been specially developed for use with sanitaryware. Carefully formulated below the hardness of ceramic and enamel surfaces, this product easily removes paint drips, residual glue and metal marks without scratching these surfaces.

The Cramer Bath Rubber/Stain Eraser features and benefits:

- Removal of stubborn dirt spots, metal marks, residual glue , paint drips, rust spots on enamel, ceramics and solid chrome surfaces.
- No special skills are required, users only need to follow the enclosed instructions: The Rubber is supplied attached to a skin card with full comprehensive instructions on the reverse side.
- Application: Apply slight pressure and erase stains by adding water when necessary.
- Material Composition: Polishing agent embedded in polyurethane.
- Density: 1,15 g/cm³ at 20°C.

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