ARMITAGE SHANKS Sandringham21 'Bathroom To Go' Boxed Pack incl. 2 TH Basin, S050101

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Armitage Shanks Manufacturer's Product Codes: S050101 (S049901 + S049601 + E028301 + S101901 + B9866AA + S8830AA).

The Armitage Shanks Sandringham21 'Bathroom To Go' Boxed Pack includes*:

• 1 x Sandringham21 'Toilet To Go' Boxed WC Pack (product codes Armitage Shanks S049901: E896301 + E896601 + E907601):
- Sandringham21 Close Coupled WC Pan, horizontal outlet (product code Armitage Shanks E896301);
- Sandringham21 Close Coupled Cistern, bottom inlet, 6/4 litres dual flush valve, push button (product code Armitage Shanks E896601);
- Sandringham21 WC Seat & Cover, plastic hinges (product code Armitage Shanks E907601).
• 1 x Sandringham21 '2 Tap Holes Basin To Go' Boxed Pack (product codes Armitage Shanks S049601: E895101 + E897601 + B9865AA + S8800AA):
- Sandringham21 55cm Pedestal Wash Basin, 2 tap holes, overflow, chainstay hole (product code Armitage Shanks E895101);
- Sandringham21 Full Floor Pedestal (product code Armitage Shanks E897601);
- Sandringham21 Basin Pillar Taps x 2, chrome plated (product code Armitage Shanks B9865AA);
- Armitage Shanks Basin Waste, bead chain & plug, chrome plated (product code Armitage Shanks S8800AA).
• 1 x Bath Set (product codes Armitage Shanks E028301 + S101901 + B9866AA + S8830AA):
- Sandringham21 Rectangular Bath, 170 x 70cm, 2 tap holes, handgrips (product code Armitage Shanks E028301);
- Sandringham21 Front Bath Panel, 170cm (product code Armitage Shanks S101901);
- Sandringham21 Bath Pillar Taps x 2, chrome plated (product code Armitage Shanks B9866AA);
- Armitage Shanks Bath Waste, bead chain & plastic plug, overflow (product code Armitage Shanks S8830AA).

* Toilet and 2 TH Wash Basin sets in this pack are also sold separately.

The new Armitage Shanks Sandringham21 range of sanitaryware has a fresh, timeless style that adapts to almost any bathroom décor, traditional or modern, and is the best way to create a bathroom simply and economically because every component of Sandringham21 range has been designed to work together perfectly. The Sandringham21 is now available in complete take away packs. With a choice of packs, based on the most popular products in the range, they contain everything needed for speedy and trouble free installation across a range of applications.

The Armitage Shanks Sandringham21 'Bathroom To Go' Boxed Pack features and specifications:

- Easy and quick installation with industry specifications and standards.
- Part of the extensive Sandringham 21 range, includes CC WC Pan, CC Cistern, WC Seat & Cover, 2 TH Pedestal Basin, Full Pedestal, 2 x Basin Pillar Taps and Basin Waste, Bath, Front Panel, 2 x Bath Pillar Taps and Bath Waste.
- Application: for domestic/commercial use.
- Bath Set features:
• Bath: rectangular, 170 x 70cm, 174 ltrs capacity, 2 tap holes, chrome plated handgrips; updated interior shape for optimised bathing, constructed to BS EN198; frame and supports included; material: IdealForm acrylic, colour: white, weight: 19.0 kg;
• Front bath panel: 170cm; material: plastic, colour: white, weight: 3.4 kg;
• Bath pillar taps: 2 x screw-down valve with 5-facet handle, suitable for balanced/unbalanced high or low pressure supplies; inlets 3/4" BSP male coned for copper; material: chrome plated, weight: 1.05 kg;
• Bath waste: 1 1/2", comined bath waste, bath bead chain and overflow, plastic plug; outlets screwed 1 1/2" BSP male; material: plastic/chrome plated, weight: 1.8 kg.
- Combined weight: 86 kg.
- Colour: White/Chrome.
- Guarantee: All ceramic Armitage Shanks products are guaranteed for a lifetime; IdealForm acrylic Bath - 25 years; WC Seat & Cover, Basin mixer, Bath Panel, Bath Shower Mixer - 5 years.

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