SANIFLO SaniSHOWER Domestic Lifting Station (Shower + 1 Outlet), 1043/2

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The Saniflo SaniSHOWER 1043/2 is a compact, ready-to-install small-bore automatic lifting station designed for handling/removing greywater from a domestic shower cubicle and a wash basin where outlet is away from the main soil stack.

Ideal for conversions, the SaniSHOWER offers an easy way to install a shower enclosure in a basement or loft conversion - it will automatically pump away the greywater from a shower unit and wash basin whenever needed, discharging up to 15 ltrs per minute. The SaniSHOWER is especially useful where a shower or basin is to be sited in a place where gravity drainage will be difficult or impossible to run - such as in a basement or on an internal wall of a property - and can be installed next to or underneath a shower tray with access for maintenance.

Functioning: The inside of the SaniSHOWER is comprised of a pressure chamber and the motor. When the water enters the unit, it activates a micro switch in the pressure chamber, which in turn starts the motor. A spindle/shaft drives the impeller meaning the moving parts are kept to an absolute minimum. Once the water is discharged and the water level in the container goes down, the micro switch deactivates the unit until water enters it again. A normal operating cycle for the SaniSHOWER can be as short as 2-10 seconds depending on the discharge pipe run configuration; power consumption is therefore minimal.

Please note: SaniSHOWERr is suitable only for pumping away greywater from a shower and basin. For hot soapy waste water (e.g. washing machine etc.) use SaniVITE or - if it is for a commercial application - SaniSPEED or SaniCOM: these lifting stations are specifically designed for accepting hot soapy waste water pumped from washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances.

The SaniSHOWER features and specifications:

- Takes greywater from a shower and 1 other outlet - typically a wash basin.
- Typical applications: Basement installations below sewer level; Renovation or modernisation of existing buildings where the location may be remote from the main soil pipe so that a natural slope cannot be established (e.g. lofts/attics).
- Compact design for easy integration under the shower tray or installation in a cabinet under a sink.
- Operates fully automatic when water enters the tank.
- High degree of comfort: Low noise level.
- Discharge elbow can be rotated 360 degrees to fit any type of installation required, incorporates a non-return valve (comes already assembled on the discharge elbow) which prevents back flow into the unit.
- Adjustable discharge and inlet connections ensure easy installation and replacement.
- High reliability due to induction motor: No carbon brushes or gears to wear out; Motor tested on over 30,000 cycles.
- Equivalent to Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 D-2.
- Discharge pipe: Ø22/32mm.
- Dimensions of possible inlets: 1 x Ø40mm on one side, 2 x Ø32/40mm (1 on each side of the tank - basin discharge inlet, can be positioned on either side).
- Max. horizontal discharge run: 40m.
- Max. vertical discharge run: 4m.
- Flow rate @ Max. head: 40 ltrs/min.
- Max. temperature of pumped waste water: 40°C.
- Gravity fall on horizontal installations: 1:100.
- Motor speed: 2800 RPM.
- Supply voltage: 220-240 V, 50 Hz via unswitched fuse spur 5 A.
- Consumption: 250W.
- Materials: Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, Neoprene.
- Weight: 3.5 kg.
- Dimensions: Please see pictures.
- Supplied with: Shower and basin inlet connectors, vent cap, discharge elbow with pipe adaptor/reducer, floor mounting brackets, jubilee clips and screws.
- 2 year Manufacturer's Guarantee.

Please note: This appliance MUST be wired into a fused unswitched fixed wir

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