POLYPIPE Solvent Soil and Vent 110mm Corner Branch 92.5Deg 2 Boss, S/Grey, SCB105SG


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POLYPIPE Manufacturer's Part Number: SCB105SG.

POLYPIPE System 2000 Solvent Soil & Vent Fitting - Ø110mm/4'' Triple Socket Equal 92.5 degrees Corner Branch with 2 boss shoulders; Solvent Grey.

Product features:

- Polypipe Soil & Vent: Solvent Soil & Vent equal single branch, used for joining double branch pipes to vertical pipe at 92.5 degrees angle in a corner position.
- Connections (Top x Branch x Branch x Bottom): Solvent Weld Socket x Solvent Weld Socket x Solvent Weld Socket x Spigot (fits into another socketed pipe, fitting or connector).
- 2 x Ø60mm boss shoulders/sockets: All boss shoulders provided are a common size and will accept Ø32mm, 40mm and 50mm waste pipes using a comprehensive range of boss adaptors; where a boss shoulder is moulded solid, it should be drilled through with a Ø60mm hole saw.
- Outer dimensions: Ø110mm/4''.
- Wall thickness: 3.20mm.
- Material: PVCu; Manufactured to BS EN 1329-1 and BS 4514 (PVCu soil pipes & fittings: 110mm).
- Colour: Solvent grey, to match the colour of grey solvent soil & vent pipe & fittings.
- Note: Polypipe soil and waste systems are suitable for short intermittent discharges of hot and cold water in normal domestic installations in the UK. They are not suitable for continuous discharge at elevated temperatures.