VOKERA Compact 25A HE Condensing Combination Boiler Only

£486.96 inc. of VAT

£405.80 ex. of VAT

£1338.00 RRP


MPN: 20020831



Vokera Manufacturer's Product Code: 20020831
The Vokera Compact 25A High Efficiency Condensing Combination Gas Boiler (25 kW Domestic Hot Water Output), also known by its manufacturer's product code 20020831, is a fully automatic, high efficiency, wall-mounted, room sealed, fan assisted, Vokera combi boiler, which provides both central heating and domestic hot water on demand, with the domestic hot water supplied directly from the boiler.
This Vokera Compact 25A combi boiler is Vokera's new cost conscious high-efficiency 'A'-rated condensing combi boiler, ideal for small sized homes with 1 bathroom and smaller hot water and central heating demand, such as flats/apartments or 1 bedroom houses, and requires no hot water cylinder or cold water storage tank, thus minimising the space it occupies. This Compact A Gas combi features standard Vokera pipe work layout making it an ideal replacement for an existing Vokera Boiler, and with its compact dimensions and low lift weight it is also a quick and easy boiler to install and commission. Compact size also meaning Vokera Compact 25A can easily fit in a kitchen cupboard (Please check boiler's User Guide for clearances).
The Vokera Compact 25A Combi Boiler features and benefits:
High Efficiency and NOx Class 5 - Compact 25A is recommended by the Energy Saving Trust with a NOx class 5 rating.
This Vokera combi boiler complies with the S.E.D.B.U.K. scheme, band "A", meaning it operates at higher efficiency (SAP 2005 - up to 90.1%) and uses less gas to heat the water, therefore it will provide efficient heating and subsequently reduce fuel bills ( for up to 35%) and carbon dioxide emissions.
Ideally suited for properties such as a 1 bedroom apartment/flat with 1 bathroom or 1/2 bedroom house with 1 bathroom.
Designed for easy installation - compact dimensions and low lift weight enable a flexible installation with the boiler able to be sited almost anywhere in the home, as well as standard Vokera pipework layout enables simple, straight forward and trouble-free replacement of older Vokera models.
Simple commissioning - only minimal adjustments are required after installation and automatic modulation eliminates the need to range rate the boiler.
Plated heat exchanger reduces the risk of scaling and comes with 5-year anti-scale warranty.
Anti-cycling control - prevents energy wasteful on/off cycling and reduces wear and tear.
Built-in frost protection - protects the appliance against the risk of frost damage during periods of cold weather both for Central Heating and Domestic Hot Water.
Hot water 'survivor' function - if the hot water thermistor fails it will use the primary thermistor to provide hot water at 55°C to ensure a supply of warm water is available.
Combustion analysis test point for easy servicing and maintenance.
Individual heating and hot water controls ensure a simple operation of the appliance.
The Compact A boiler incorporates Vokera’s recently introduced Cyclonic Separator. The Cyclonic Separator provides a significant improvement in the effectiveness of the ‘air separator‘ and can also capture particulates from the system water. Its distinct advantages include:
Reduced pressure loss through the hydraulic circuit of the boiler.
Quicker discharge of air during commissioning.
Possibility to now remove and clean the inside of the separator, r


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