VOKERA 400mm Plastic Pipe Cover for Unica HE/Unica i/Mynute HE/Mynute i, White 518

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MPN: 518


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VOKERA Manufacturer's Product Code: 518.

The Vokera 400mm White Plastic Pipe Cover creates a tidy installation and is compatible with the following ranges of Vokera boilers:

- Unica 28HE Combi Boiler;
- Unica i Combi Boilers (Unica i28, Unica i32, Unica i36);
- Mynute HE System Boilers (Mynute 12HE, Mynute 15HE, Mynute 20HE, Mynute 25HE);
- Mynute 20VHE Open Vent (Regular) Boiler;
- Mynute i System Boilers (Mynute i20, Mynute i30, Mynute i35).